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ATSsim is part of the Applied Training Solutions suite of products. It is a fully distributed, web-based, versatile disaster training and exercise management tool that provides users with a entity based constructive simulation training environment that is realistic and scalable to meet the needs of the user. Tailor training to your individual needs ATSsim is a platform that establishes an exercise lifecycle foundation for collaborative planning and realistic exercise design. The tool supports a fully distributed exercise model with mobile evaluation and observation, chat breakout rooms, individualized exercise data collection, After Action Review (AAR), and lessons learned support. Be ready for anything with ATSsim Disasters, natural or manmade, can strike at any time. Preparing for disasters requires an all-hazards approach by emergency management officials, starting with training and exercise. Over the years, exercises have evolved into complex events using new technologies to simulate realistic events, allow for multiple partners, and track actions for comprehensive after-action reports. Capabilities & Features Web-based constructive simulation for emergency management training. Tailored scenarios to test decision-making processes and validate response plans. Multi-faceted disaster selection: natural disasters; pandemics; terrorist attacks; active shooters; and chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear scenarios. Customized organizational resources simulating personnel, assets, and capabilities. Authoritative models and simulated disaster effects. Flexibility to modify scenario organization/effects during an exercise. Master scenario events list (MSEL) tool Command and Control, common operating (COP), and GIS data integration.


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