Berlin, BE, Germany


ARC-GREENLAB GmbH is an interdisciplinary service company with emphasis on geoinformatics and geodesy. We are engaged in the Esri partner network for more than 20 years. The company’s divisions offer services in surveying and GIS, customized software development, sales of GIS products, consulting and training. Therefore, ARC-GREENLAB is well grounded in processing challenging projects. ARC-GREENLAB develops and distributes specific applications based on ArcGIS technologies to support and manage surveying and land registration, communal and forestal tasks and linked workflows. ARC-GREENLAB is a subsidiary company of geometrie concern GmbH and AED-SICAD AG and employs about 90 experienced staff members. Professional teamwork and substantiated knowledge guarantee the implementation of customer requirements on GIS and surveying projects in a high-quality manner. ARC-GREENLAB realizes integrated solutions for various working processes in e-government, the development of forest information and management systems, and surveying and GIS. Its customers are public and regional authorities; companies of the supply, disposal, and building industries; telecommunication and transportation companies; and planning and engineering offices.



Our services have the focus on geodesy and geoinformatics. Customer oriented project management, motivated and professional staff members, flexible support, courage to unconventional solutions and a continuously growing partner network characterizes our range of services offered.

GISdesign, support, training, workshops, data acquisition, data analysis, digital cartography
Forestrydata integration, thematic mapping, software development, training, support
Surveyingproject surveying, construction monitoring, profile measurement, digital terrain models, conservation of evidence, deformation measurement, documentation
Software developmentsystem analysis, database modeling and design, system integration, application development for GIS and CAD, internet map server, spatial data server
Smart building managementimplementation of ArcGIS Indoors, system design, support, training, workshops, data acquisition, data integration, data analysis, IPS configuration, indoor mapping, indoor navigation, indoor analytics
Consultingimplementation of GIS, building of infrastructure for spatial information, project management

Services Provided:

Application Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning, Implementation, System Architecture and Design, System Integration, Training Services