Archonix Systems LLC

Marlton, NJ, United States


Archonix is a rapidly growing provider of advanced public safety software to Police Departments, Fire Departments, Correctional Institutions and other Public Safety Agencies. Archonix prides itself on providing Customers with the benefits of scale formerly attainable only by larger industry players together with the attention and service that is the hallmark of the industry's smaller participants. Archonix software has been utilized by public safety agencies now for over 20 years. Most recently, Archonix has embarked upon a period of expansion, acquiring and integrating several established organizations operating in public safety markets. Coinciding with this growth, Archonix has developed a full suite of public safety software products, a strong focus on Customer service and a quest for continued innovation. Archonix’s public safety software solutions are now installed in more than 100 Agencies in 16 states.