Armor At Hand

Hermosa Beach, CA, United States


Armor At Hand manufactures IoT/GIS internet connected Smart Shields that capture high-powered rifle rounds. Placed on a desktop they are disguised and instantly accessible. Our IoT connection alerts others, then help is coming immediately. With Esri as our partner, the Esri ArcGIS and Esri Operations Dashboard shows shield movements and danger zones are mapped for first responders. The GIS mobile app guides those affected to safety, just follow the one big arrow or hide in place if X is displayed. Training is done calmly, with GIS digital simulations site maps and minimal hands-on training, simply lift shield and protect self and others. There is now assured protection and peace of mind; for parents, students, staff, and those accountable for safety. Ask us how we can make existing safety resources more effective and reduce costs by adding Smart Shields.