Hermosa Beach, CA, United States


ArmorGIS provides RescueGIS, AI powered Rescue Location Systems to prevent harm from violence and to expedite emergency responses. RescueGIS is available to Individuals, Sites, and Cities with varying capabilities. By applying our AI technologies to safety and security, powerful unparalleled capabilities are made available worldwide RescueGIS delivers safety everywhere. When it’s still only a concern, with one click, nearby help is coming to your location, others know of the emergency and additional on-site security and local responders can be alerted up to 911. On Smart Sites and in Smart Cities, those in danger are directed away and responders are directed to the emergency, enabling highly effective responder operations. This is AI powered Safety and Security. Early awareness, notifications to the nearest responders, real-time rescue locations, tracking of threat movements, directional guidance for users and responders, notifications to additional responders and to adjacent site, shared incident intelligence, with worldwide coverage, all with one click. Instant help for threats small to extreme and expedited responses is now available everywhere.