Arora Engineers LLC

Chadds Ford, PA, United States


Our aviation focused geospatial services include: implementing and enhancing Esri software solutions such as ArcGIS Indoors, ArcGIS On-Line, and ArcGIS Data Collector; CAD, GIS, and BIM data development, data migration, translation, and conversion; enterprise GIS asset data modeling; mobile data collection and configuration; and the development of configurable applications for specific airport business processes (e.g., Airspace Analysis, Obstacle Action Plans, Signage and Marking, Utilities, Land Use Compatibility, FAA compliance, Terminal Maps, etc.). We are experienced in collecting, analyzing, and managing design, engineering, and planning data for airport projects. Arora understands that at the core of any successful enterprise geospatial solution is the utilization of data standards, policies, procedures, and the integration of existing legacy systems—all while considering the context of and appropriately adjusting or accommodating the airport’s business processes. Arora’s Geospatial Practice works with clients to create and expand their geospatial capabilities in a direction that leverages existing data while also modernizing their system to take advantage of new technologies.