Web and Smartphone GIS solutions to promote trekking around the Mont-Blanc

By Arx iT

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Spreading its borders over France, Italy and Switzerland, the Mont Blanc Area is a world-famous territory centered around Mont Blanc, which is Europe’s highest peak (4,810 m). As part of the development and touristic promotion of that region, the customer gave arx iT the task to create a simple and fun map portal with a particular care for ergonomy and design. The portal highlights the whole set of hiking trails around Mont Blanc, including the famous Tour du Mont-Blanc (TMB). As a complementary extension to the website, arx iT also created smartphone versions of the application for iPhone and Android (native). This allows the user to look at the data directly on the field, online as well as offline. The great augmented reality module, for its part, provides a more entertaining and more convenient way of interacting with the territory, for instance to get the names of the surrounding peaks.

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