Oberhausen, NW, Germany


ASDRO (Advanced & Specialized Drone Solutions) combines geospatial data for a quick interpretation of the surface and the subsoil and uses precise and fast drone technology. ASDRO works with the method of drone photogrammetry and is specialized in the use of geophysical sensors on drones. The drone geomagnetic method developed by ASDRO itself is used for e.g. UXO detection, contaminated sites containing iron and pipelines detection in the subsurface. For the detection, a drone equipped with a magnetometer flies autonomously over a previously planned area and measures the local magnetic field of the earth. Especially in areas that are difficult to access and to probe large areas, drone geomagnetics has an advantage over conventional methods. The drone as the carrier platform closes the gap between time-consuming hand measurements and expensive helicopter measurements. ASDRO uses georadar as another geophysical measurement method. In addition to the geomagnetic method, which is influenced by interference signals, the georadar can also be used in inner-city areas. All types of supply lines, house connections and pipelines can be localized and displayed on a map with depth resolution. Furthermore, individual layers of soil can be dissolved, so that a statement about the nature of the subsoil is possible.