Asociación Geoinnova

Valencia, Spain


Founded in 2009, the Geoinnova Association is a non-profit organization created by geographers, although it develops all its consultancy, training and environmental education activities, together with other professionals from the territory, the environment and the geospatial field. Geoinnova works as an umbrella that allows its associates to develop their professional activity in a collaborative framework. In this way, resources are shared and a networking space is enhanced to generate new business opportunities. The Geographic Information Systems have become, step by step, a fundamental part of all our services, not only developing geospatial projects, but also as an alternative for use in research methodologies and consulting in other professional areas. The great involvement of our associates has allowed us to generate a globally recognized brand in geospatial and environmental training courses in Spanish. We are currently developing projects in Spain, but we are open to any proposal from abroad.