Kirkland, WA, United States


Founded in 2006, Assetic delivers complete infrastructure asset management through our industry-specific software and services. Optimised asset decisions For more than a decade, Assetic has focussed on delivering advanced prediction modeling and optimization outcomes to asset custodians to facilitate superior decision making. By applying advanced analytics to dynamic life-cycle and maintenance data, Assetic enables visualization of strategy and service level scenarios to manage and maintain assets, improve service levels and reduce capital and maintenance spending. ISO55000 / PAS55 alignment Global standards in best-practice have formalized what Assetic has advocated since inception; that asset management must be service-driven. Through our integrated business processes and ‘line of sight’ methodology, Assetic provides our customers with a templated asset management approach that aligns to ISO55000 / PAS55 principles and manages information across the entire asset life-cycle.



Assetic’s core business is providing holistic asset management solutions, across key areas such as implementation, training, process improvement, support of successful infrastructure asset management, and compliance to standards such as PAS55 and ISO 55000. Implementation Our proven, structured approach to implementing enterprise asset management solutions is supported by a team of experienced professionals, passionate about helping you achieve your asset management goals. Like our cloud-based software, our implementation services are scalable to meet your specific needs and can include integrations for ERP, GIS, and other third-party systems. Integration In today’s fast-paced, connected world it is essential to organizational objectives that systems act as a coordinated whole. Assetic integrates successfully, at both application and data-exchange levels, with a wide range of third-party systems including ERP, EAM, GIS, customer request management, document management, purchasing, and HR systems. Training Assetic delivers comprehensive software training programs and is also a specialist provider of asset management training. Our experience has shown us those who understand not just how to use our software suite, but why – the logic and theory of asset management science – report higher user adoption and ROI

Services Provided:

GIS Strategy and Planning, Implementation, Needs and Requirements, System Integration, Training Services