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ASTERRA MasterPlan adds actionable data and insights to your asset management plan in one easy data layer. Our patented system uses a newly developed algorithm that’s been trained on five years of system leaks discovered by ASTERRA Recover, our leak detection and analysis product. The algorithm assesses pipe deficiencies using multiple synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images and can observe an entire pipe system, even for large cities, using multiple satellite passes. The trained algorithm then scores pipe segments exhibiting non-surfacing leaks detected in one or more images; it also analyzes leak location clusters within them. Data points are then scientifically combined into a single GIS data output with pipes scored on a 1 – 5 scale: 1 indicates low levels of deficiency observed; 5 denotes high levels of deficiency. The data inputs easily to any GIS system or asset planning model. Utilities and engineers use MasterPlan to gain insight into the pipes’ actual condition. The system is compatible with all GIS and GIS-based asset planning model software and integrates with attribute data such as pipe age, material, and work orders from surfacing leaks. MasterPlan adds a valuable level of refinement to pipe replacement planning models or water system master plans. MasterPlan provides unique insights that are not available elsewhere, such as an actual measurement of non-surfacing pipe leaks — not a predictive analysis. The system is completely non-invasive as data is collected via satellite, and the pipes’ size and composition do not matter. The 1,350-sq-mile coverage area observes and analyzes the most expansive systems with unmatched speed and efficiency.


Highways & Roads, Mining, Railroads, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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