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Attain Insight Map Intelligence (formerly of Integeo) a platform and not a vertical solution, which merges the location dimension into enterprise decision support and Business Intelligence applications. It's a fast, highly configurable and efficient platform for delivering customised, map-enabled business applications involving BI tools and mapping providers and GIS. For those of you using sophisticated Business Intelligence tools, Map Intelligence has a rich arsenal of spatial tools tightly integrated into your familiar BI environment. It is designed for dynamic use in a web-browser with or without BI integration. Business demands continue to outstrip the ability to deliver timely and appropriate solutions. Map Intelligence enables the services provider to focus on the business rather than technology and enables fast turn-around because Map Intelligence facilitates a no-programming, iterative analytic and application development process. This optimizes the time required to develop applications and increases the customers ROI in business intelligence and Map Intelligence. Map Intelligence (MI) is deployed as a Client-Server system to provide the platform enabling communication between the BI / reporting tools, map providers and dynamic web services for data and specialised functions (primarily geographical and statistical). Map Intelligence has three components: MI Server: processes all the run-time information sent from the MI Client components, dynamically manages presentation of the various MI Builder screens and dynamically generates the MI Viewer GUI during a user session. The MI Server manages all interactions with map-servers. The MI Server has a number of administration tools that include license administration, global default settings and customization of various applications features such as pop-ups. MI Viewer: is the application user interface for manipulating the MI Builder defined views of the mapped data. Application consumers (end users) interact with the dynamically generated MI application via the MI Viewer which is presented within a web browser. MI Client: is used as a convenient description for the bundle of MI components which are purchased and installed within or alongside the BI environment – eg: the MI Client for Cognos. The MI Client also comprises a number of configuration ‘screens’ presented in a browser. These enable the design of the integrated mapping ‘application’ to be done without any programming.


Defense, Elections, Environmental Management, Forestry, Health & Human Services, Maritime, Public Finance, Revenue & Accounting, Public Safety, Real Estate, Telco

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