Attentive AI Inc

New Delhi, India


Attentive AI is a global feature extraction service provider. We serve geospatial technology providers with 2D and 3D vector data extracted from satellite, aerial, street, lidar and drone imagery. Our MapX service allows a user to upload raster images online and request feature extraction at scale. Because we use deep learning and auto-digitization tools, our turn-around time for vector data delivery is unmatched by any other provider. We serve companies that require map datasets for end applications and are looking to cut their time-to-market by getting map data faster.



Attentive AI provides solutions to simplify feature extraction from images. Using a combination of deep learning and skilled cartography team, we reduce the turnaround-time for feature extraction projects and enable customers to extract insights from imagery faster. Attentive AI's feature extraction services can be accessed through the MapX Toolbox for ArcGIS Pro which allows you to create feature extraction requests just like running a geoprocessing tool. The request status can be tracked through a web dashboard and the extracted features are delivered directly onto the ArcGIS Pro platform through a cloud-based database. These services are available on multiple data types (imagery or point cloud) and vantage points (street, aerial, satellite). In case you need to do a custom feature extraction request, our map production managers will help set up a custom feature extraction pipeline for you that you can task and deploy on-demand. Feel free to reach out to - to learn more.

Services Provided:

Data Conversion/Migration