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Say goodbye to time consuming and expensive vector data procurement activities. Introducing MapX, a super fast feature extraction service that simplifies vector data production and map updation activities. Just use the MapX Toolbox for ArcGIS to create a request and watch as MapX fulfills it in record time without hassles. Powered by a combination of deep learning algorithms and highly skilled cartographers, MapX ensures quick delivery while maintaining high accuracy. MapX is a one-stop shop for all map features. It can be used to extract features from multiple vantage points (satellite, aerial and street), source data types (imagery or LiDAR point clouds), enrich existing vectors with attributions and do change detection analysis. MapX is available for a wide range of features such as road centerlines, sidewalks, building footprints, water bodies, street signs, lane markings and so on. MapX offers you the flexibility to provide imagery source for the extraction or chose from the catalog of available imagery products on MapX. MapX has access to latest source datasets collected from the street, aerial and satellite platforms. Do not wish to buy imagery? No problem, MapX can provide just the features extracted from imagery for your consumption. MapX comes with a dedicated Customer Success Manager for end-to-end assistance for request formulation, commercial discussions, request execution and fulfillment. The CSM is the face of MapX and the single-point contact for addressing all your feature extraction needs. MapX. On-demand Intelligence from Imagery.


Electric & Gas, Environmental Management, GIS, Insurance, Land Records, Telco

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