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By Axim Geospatial, an NV5 company

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GISinc has delivered cloud-based, Esri-centric services for over a decade. We’ve provided dozens of clients with highly varied offerings and managed services, ranging from very simple, consolidated deployment patterns to robust, fault-tolerant and highly available systems. Options: Architecture & Design: Foundational to the success of a cloud deployment is understanding the technical, functional, and utilization requirements. This in turn allows GISinc to engage in the appropriate level of architecture design. Our team has employed Esri tools and models to facilitate system design and capacity planning (in combination with our intimacy with the various types of cloud instances) to help identify the deployment pattern, optimize performance, and minimize cost. Cloud Environment Setup & Facilitation: GISinc will facilitate procurement and configuration of the cloud environment through a provider preferred by the client. We accommodate billing preferences of our clients as well, wherein some clients opt for the cloud fees to pass through GISinc and others request to receive the invoices directly from the provider. Cloud Migration: We have worked with clients to help migrate on-premise implementations to the cloud (or even cloud to cloud migration) through a process that mitigate impact. The process starts by establishing an understanding of the current deployment, architecture, and dependencies to help arrive at a migration plan that is informed and can minimize disruption to production workflows and functionality. Base Environmental Management: GISinc assumes administrative responsibility for the servers, including operating system management (e.g., patches, upgrades), security and access controls, and general system health management. We propose monthly review and action plans as part of our standard packages. Server Monitoring: To help track system health and server performance, we will optionally implement a server monitoring solution, provided by Esri or developed by GISinc, or a recommended 3rd party solution. These system monitors help our management be more proactive with reporting and notifications that can trigger action in between scheduled reviews and potentially draw attention toward an underlying issue before a problem arises. Periodic Software Upgrade: Within our standard proposed services, GISinc will often include one primary software (e.g., Esri, Cityworks) upgrade annually.


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