Ayres Associates Inc

Madison, WI, United States


Ayres Associates, a multi-disiple engineering firm, is an Esri Business Partner which employs multiple GISPs, cartographers, as well as staff that maintain Esri certifications. Our team has vast experience in GIS data collection, attribution, standardization, conversion, and data distribution. The Ayres Geospatial Team: • Acquires and processes LiDAR data throughout the Country • Leads the industry Orthophotography & photogrammetry • Delivers 100’s of GIS datasets each year • Develops custom geodatabases • Converts data to multiple formats • Translates coordinates system • Conducts workflow design • Performs land surveying • Are experts in mapping (planimetric, environmental, topographic, publishing, and more) Whether in the field, in the air, or in the office Ayres is your one stop shop to plan your project, collect the data, and put the answers in your hands.



Aerial LiDAR Terrestrial LiDAR Mobile LiDAR Orthophotography Planimetric Mapping Impervious surface Mapping Environmental Mapping Topographic Mapping City Modeling Tree canopy delineation Transportation Mapping Change Analysis Spatial Analysis Aero triangulation Land Surveying Environmental Modeling Grant writing Consortium Design Expert Testimony

Services Provided:

Business Case Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning, Implementation, Needs and Requirements, Training Services