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Bad Elf Flex™ democratizes GNSS and economizes field data collection. Our customers shared their needs for lower cost GNSS solutions that include full RTK rover workflow. With introductory pricing of USD $2,499.99*, Bad Elf Flex delivers, with 30-60cm accuracy all day, every day. But wait, there's more! Need higher accuracy? No problem! Bad Elf Flex tokens provide a USD $25* per day rate for features that typically cost thousands of dollars – and every Bad Elf Flex unit includes a free starter pack for you. This daily rate includes full access to both an unlocked RTK workflow and the Atlas L-Band correction service. Bad Elf Flex is the first GNSS receiver to have a daily choice with unlimited switching between L-Band and RTK. The Bad Elf Flex delivers customers a comparative advantage in a total geospatial solution. A single GNSS receiver removes the need for deploying multiple devices in the field. Surveyors and their crews now have a scalable accuracy, survey-grade receiver. GIS managers focus on flexible field choices for work crews with varying skill levels. Businesses obtain operational and financial efficiencies. Bad Elf Flex effectively offers you several products in one package through flexible software and configuration. Some have even said it is Engineered Magic®!


Electric & Gas,Environmental Management,Forestry,Pipeline,Public Engineering,Public Works,Research Organizations,Water Resources

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