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The platform that improves work processes by adding a spatial component WebOffice is a web-based information system. It adds frequently asked for productivity tools and enhanced capabilities for system integration to ArcGIS for server. WebOffice provides maps, functionality and data as a result of spatially enabled queries to support data capture, analysis and decision processes throughout the enterprise. WebOffice is a unique platform providing a spatial component to enterprise IT systems. With WebOffice ... ■ anything that ArcGIS for Server does can be done - PLUS ■ you open up geographic and related data to a broader audience within your organization through easy to use configurable clients ■ one configuration can be used to serve those different clients ■ your applications will "speak the tongue" of its users ■ management of users, roles, tasks can be fine-grained and straight-forward ■ return on invest for your geodata will be shorter through this broader use ■ the administrative tasks get simplified and streamlined and your solutions will be 100 % IT-compliant


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