BDFsmart GmbH

Killwangen, AG, Switzerland


The BDFsmart offers special consulting, implementation, education and solutions around the topic of "the paperless construction site" and stands for a neutral and practice-oriented approach. The experts of the BDFsmart have unique know-how and a large network to competently and empathetically support the construction industry in the step towards the "paperless construction site". With every paper that is eliminated, the BDFsmart comes one step closer to its vision of building a digital and sustainable infrastructure for society. Get to know us: Join us on LinkedIn:



We at BDFsmart offer special BIM services. These include consulting in the areas of BIM, GIS, surveying, machine control, inventory analyses, strategy and organisational consulting. We offer implementation, BIM support for clients and construction companies, as well as process management, hardware and software management. With the BDFsmart implementation concept, building owners and construction companies are made fit for the future and thus for the paperless construction site. We also contribute to an attractive and healthy construction industry and offer further training in the form of BIM courses, are available as lecturers and train personnel on the job in a practical manner.

Services Provided:

Business Case Development, GIS Strategy and Planning, Implementation, Training Services