Becklar Workforce Safety

Ogden, UT, United States


Becklar offers industry leading enterprise-ready Connected Safety solutions. The Health and Safety solutions protect workers around the world working indoors and outdoors. With customers in the energy, manufacturing, public safety, agriculture, forestry and other industries, workers are protected throughout their workdays. Protection workers safety covers the risks that lone workers, working at height, and hazardous work brings. Protection is beyond compliance and proactive to help improve the safety culture within an organization. Getting started with ArcGIS private and public maps is easy and the integration with Becklar Workforce Safety solutions provides the best safety integrated with Esri.



Becklar Workforce Safety offers Industry-Leading Safety solutions for Enterprises. The flagship product is WorkerSafety Pro with both Proactive and Reactive Safety Protocols to help keep employees safe during the workday and reduce risk for organizations. Integrations with Esri ArcGIS products are available as well as customization for safety needs at an organization. Protect lone workers, employees working at height, and people working in hazardous conditions. Makes use of private maps to show detailed location data during emergencies to get help fast to where it is needed. Includes organization wide Emergency Broadcast System with Emergency Check-Ins that are 2-way communication during an emergency that may be for weather related alerts and other emergencies.