BEM Systems, Inc.

Madison, NJ, United States


BEM is an employee-owned environmental engineering and information management firm providing comprehensive environmental services to federal, state and local government agencies as well as commercial clients. BEM's technical practice areas are focused on environmental planning and compliance; remediation; and natural and water resources. What distinguishes BEM from other traditional consulting firms is our use of "smart" tools to efficiently collect, organize and process diverse data sources that enable our clients to make effective decisions more quickly. This is why we refer to ourselves as a "Hybrid Organization" -- a firm with the unique ability to integrate expertise in environmental planning, science and engineering with cutting-edge data management and visualization technology.



Complementing our engineering and science expertise was our growing specialization in relational database application development and Geographic Information Systems. We assembled a group of top-notch programmers, systems analysts, and project managers to develop web-based applications that manages and integrates various functions associated with cleanup, restoration, and infrastructure projects. The PAECETrak™ application has grown into the industry standard for state transportation agencies in managing their property acquisition and management functions. But fundamentally the group’s purpose is to develop creative information management solutions that streamline the project pipeline from planning through design to construction and maintenance. Our Environmental Management Information System (EMIS) group is an integral partner in the solutions our engineers and scientists provide for their remediation, compliance, and water resource projects. As the BEM story continues we’ve come to recognize some truths about what makes a company of value to its customers and a great place to work. We view success as necessarily a team effort, not a solo endeavor and take business risks when it can make a distinct contribution to a client. On a more personal note, never take yourself too seriously, even as you take the work seriously. This is what has worked for BEM.

Services Provided:

Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning, Implementation