Bent Ear Solutions LLC

Alexandria, VA, United States


Bent Ear Solutions focuses on providing tools and technologies to public safety and homeland security-related organizations. We provide professional services that enable full implementation of Esri products -- such as governance design and implementation, standard operating procedure development, and training support. Our goal is for every Esri client to realize the full potential of their Esri purchase.



Bent Ear Solutions works with clients to realize the full potential of their Esri purchase. Whether it's prior to the purchase (needs and requirements analysis, business case development, or strategy development), we walk the client through a series of conversations to fully define the problem she/he is trying to solve. Knowing that a majority of technology implementation issues are not due to the technology, we focus on helping the clients fully define their governance, standard operating procedures, and training.

Services Provided:

Business Case Development, GIS Strategy and Planning, Needs and Requirements