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By BlackSky Global LLC

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BlackSky Detect is a product powered by Spectra AI that provides access to analytic data feeds for multiple thematic indicators. Detect utilizes computer vision models to transform raw imagery products into analytic product feeds that detect and classify objects for a variety of use cases. BlackSky Detect leverages the latest techniques in machine learning and artificial Intelligence to perform cost-effective accurate imagery-derived analytics minimizing the need for human analysis and time-consuming imagery exploitation. • Near real-time analytics that automatically detect objects in images such as ships, airplanes, roads, buildings and vehicles. • Advanced analytics including change, damage and anomaly detection, along with stockpile analysis. • Cost-effective and accurate imagery-derived analytics minimizes the need for human analysis by leveraging proprietary machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms. • Access via enterprise subscription or individual orders for On-Demand or Assured customers.

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