Amnesty International – Eyes on Nigeria

By Blue Raster LLC

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Blue Raster is proud to announce the launch of Eyes on Nigeria for Amnesty International, the world’s largest human rights organization. Created using ESRI ArcGIS Server and Flex API, this application utilizes satellite imagery to track developments on the ground in areas of Nigeria where there are ongoing human rights concerns including forced evictions, pollution, violations of international humanitarian law, and communal violence and armed conflict. Eyes on Nigeria utilizes high- and moderate-resolution satellite technology as well as traditional cartographic techniques and geolocated photography and video. As a result, it offers a comprehensive picture of the situation on the ground in Nigeria, including through active monitoring of gas flaring in the Niger Delta region. Eyes on Nigeria enables private citizens and policy makers worldwide to monitor the regions as well as allows access to related research findings, analysis, eyewitness testimonies, and advocacy and campaigning materials.


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