Jane Goodall Institute (JGI)-Western Tanzania Forest Monitoring Dashboard

By Blue Raster LLC

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Blue Raster had the opportunity to work with the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) to create the Western Tanzania Forest Monitoring Dashboard, connecting communities and data to manage forests and habitats in Tanzania. The Forest Monitoring Dashboard was designed to use information collected by locals, evaluate if the monitoring efforts were effective and provide alerts immediately for action. To create this application, Blue Raster worked with the Open Data Kit (ODK), which JGI has been using since 2010 for on-the-ground GPS Data collection. Locations of Sawmills, Wildlife Traps, and bullet cartigrates are just some of things that monitors are looking for to alert Village Government and Park Chiefs of illegal activity. Using ArcGIS Online, we began to create data services for use in the Dashboard. From the GPS Points came Patrol Paths, and from Patrol Paths came Village Participation. Within the Dashboard, each village can see how their monitoring effort relates to the surrounding communities, as well as determine the varity of threats and wildlife encountered, and explore images taken from each location.



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