Boston Fusion Corp

Lexington, MA, United States


Access to data — numbers, text, images, video and more — has exploded, creating a wealth of opportunity and pitfalls for decision makers. Our challenge is to make sense of this mass of data and transform it into useful, actionable information. At Boston Fusion, we develop innovative technology to rapidly process massive amounts of disparate and uncertain data, interpret their meaning, recommend responses, and predict potential outcomes. Specific technologies include statistical machine learning, deep learning, causal modeling, probabilistic modeling, planning and optimization, multi-source information fusion, natural language processing, data mining, and graph databases. Applications for our research include multi-source information fusion, anomaly detection, threat assessment, optimal resource allocation, information retrieval, and decision support. Current projects include cyber defense, illicit network analysis, insider threat detection, social media analytics, maritime and space situation awareness, and intelligence analysis support. Our customers include the Department of Defense and the intelligence community. Our multidisciplinary team includes scientists, engineers, and mathematicians. Boston Fusion is built on a foundation of respect for our customers, competitors, partners and ourselves; honesty in all our dealings; and integrity in our business practices and relationships. For further information, you can reach us at