Brierley Associates Corp

Denver, CO, United States


At Brierley Associates, we deliver intrinsic, recognizable value to our owner, AEC firm, and contractor clients by focusing on constructability, efficiency and practicality. Our geotechnical and structural design and consulting services are founded on a keen understanding of our clients’ needs, subsurface conditions, site-specific constraints, and the risks associated with the construction of tunnels, underground facilities and heavy civil infrastructure projects. We strive to make clients glad that they came in contact with our firm. All of us at Brierley share a common business vision; one that is dedicated to the service of our clients, as we “Create Space Underground”. Using GIS solutions we are leading the way in Abandoned Mine Land (AML) site reclamation and mitigation project management and consulting. Our solutions include using configurable offline mobile data collection, web applications with selection and export capabilities, and operations dashboards to enhance management's ability to track progress. The data collected from our mobile application integrates attachments and multiple related tables that provide the capabilities to generate subsurface profiles and 3D models of the project site. Our drone data collection is on the leading edge of technology. High resolution imagery, Lidar, thermal, volumetrics, and 3D mesh all are a part of our drone data deliverables.



Abandoned Mines Land (AML) has created geohazards that we have found GIS solutions for. Using offline mobile applications in remote locations with customized spatial database design we are able to transform this data into 3D models of the subsurface. From the AML project management experience and our 40+ years of combined work in the GIS industry we have a vast well of knowledge from which to draw GIS solutions from. Brierley Associates is originally the leader in subsurface civil engineering and geotechnical design. From this history we intend to expand our AML GIS solutions into the areas of utility infrastructure project management and database management.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning, Implementation, Needs and Requirements, System Architecture and Design, System Integration, Training Services