Paperless Reappraisal System

By Bruce Harris & Associates Inc

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The Paperless Reappraisal System (PRS) is a GIS driven workflow management, data collection, data review, quality control, and business analysis solution for Property Appraisers. The goal of the system is to eliminate the need for paper by creating a completely digital product, and leverage GIS functionality to improve appraisal efficiency. Highlights include: quality control of CAMA data, controlled field visits by organizing parcels into efficient routes; eliminate unnecessary visits by inspecting properties via digital means; track revision history and changes for quality control purposes; and provide real-time thematic maps and reports. The PRS is an ArcGIS Online solution that utilizes Identity access and communicates exclusively with ArcGIS Online content such as web maps and web feature layers. This provides flexible and scalable deployment options as the data can be served from ArcGIS for Server or AGOL hosted feature services. Making use of the entire ArcGIS Platform supports the goal of providing the highest level of accuracy in the appraisal process, while using technology to streamline the processes whenever possible. The PRS is listed on the ArcGIS Marketplace:


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