Albany, NY, United States


BuildingFootprintUSA is leading innovation in the location intelligence building footprint product category. We continuously expand and improve our database of nationwide addressed buildings, and provide the ability to link buildings with other key information - physical characteristics, real property data, demographic data, list data and more. Our data model allows you to use buildings - where people shop, play, work and live - as the anchor for any business problem requiring locating, analyzing and visualizing critical information. We help you solve business problems more accurately, in any industry: * Insurance - what is a building's exposure to natural disaster risk ? * Telecommunications - how do we most accurately model a wireless network? how can we view and manage all of our assets? * Utility - what will it cost to connect our infrastructure to buildings? how do we avoid buildings when creating our infrastructure? * Real estate - how can we most accurately look at a book of real estate business and get context on valuation, location context, and more? The most exciting conversations that we have are with companies who are pushing the envelope and innovating, asking us "Can we do this with your data?" Let us help you experiment by giving you access to an exciting new category of location intelligence data - building footprint data.