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Building Footprint-aligned addresses provide the most accurate geocoding possible - true rooftop geocoding. Easily plug BuildingFootprintUSA Rooftop Geocoding Data into Esri Address Locator. Logistics problems, sharing economy services, location-based marketing, insurance risk determination, telecommunication modeling - any of these mission critical business problems benefit from rooftop accuracy. ​ With BuildingFootprintUSA Rooftop Geocoding Data you insure a rooftop accuracy level for tens of millions of addresses. Every quarter we continue to expand our coverage. In a waterfall or tiered geocoding process, use BuildingFootprintUSA Rooftop Geocoding Data to geocode to the highest level of accuracy possible, and then fall back to your existing geocoding technology. ​ BuildingFootprintUSA Rooftop Geocoding Data comes with primary address information, secondary unit data, ZIP and ZIP+4, location, city, state and Census Block. All address information comes pre-standardized and enhanced to make our data plug-and-play with any geocoding system that allows you to bring your own data.


Demographics, GIS, Insurance, Real Estate, Retail, Telco

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