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PowerAI detects asset anomalies and vegetation for infrastructure inspections. Our Solution provides accurate results for a wide range of visual data sources including drones, helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, and static cameras. The PowerAI enables Electric T&D Utilities to significantly lower expected O&M costs. Additionally, PowerAI has been designed to help utilities improve system resiliency and reliability by detecting asset health condition. PowerAI has been designed to complement utilities key technology systems like Esri GIS, Work and Asset Management by wrapping our Platform with API’s enabling image analysis as a simple web service to their existing data and workflows. Buzz Solutions has partnered with Esri to integrate PowerAI with the ArcGIS Platform. PowerAI now utilizes Esri WebMaps and Feature Services for utility asset source data including the unique Asset ID maintained by utilities critical to asset management practices maintained by key systems of record like Esri GIS and Work/Asset Mgnt. A demonstration video is provided here. https://drive.google.com/file/d/15apwgAw5HqLNMGgH2OnqJb5cKZJRNn2K/view


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