High Density Route Optimization Services

By C2Logix Inc

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The C2Logix Route Optimization Service approach offers the advantages of the C2Logix Team taking full responsibility for getting your organization optimized routes that are created in a timely and cost-efficient manner. FleetRoute™ can also be installed and your staff trained to allow future routing to be done in-house. This option provides the best of both worlds, C2Logix getting your organization up-and-running with new routes done as a Service and implementing the technology in-house. The Route Optimization Service fits well for organizations that require new optimized routes in an expedient manner and don't have the time to train staff. As many organizations have staff turnover issues and/or limited information technology capacity, outsourcing the route optimization project may make good financial and operational sense. In addition, C2Logix staff are industry veterans, who can add value to your operations beyond generating new routes, such as analyzing the optimal equipment, staff and scheduling for your operations. The C2Logix Team has standardized its Route Optimization Service approach during its extensive experience with assisting other operations. The approach ensures that your organization and C2Logix clearly understand and agree on the parameters and outputs from the project and that these meet your requirements.


Public Works, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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