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ePlan-GIS uses ArcGIS Runtime and is a constructive simulation GIS tool that significantly reduces the amount of time, cost and effort required to assemble and execute a paper based table top Emergency Response Plan (ERP). ePlan-GIS can electronically validate ERPs for the Electric & Gas, Oil/Gas, Pipeline, Federal/Provincial/Municipal sectors. This software uses Constructive Simulation to create ERP events (floods, pipeline eruptions, H2S leaks, etc) and GIS to represent those events on an interactive map. The After Action Review (AAR) feature allows for playback of the ERP exercise for corrective training purposes. ePlan-GIS digitally re-creates ERPs and electronically validates the more manpower intensive and time consuming paper based table top exercises. Corporate and Regional ERPs along with Municipal Emergency Management Plans can all be integrated within ePlan-GIS.


Electric & Gas, Petroleum, Public Safety

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