Portland, OR, United States


Cardno ENTRIX’s Geospatial Services are based on over twenty years of experience in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) consulting, data conversion, and other practical expertise in geospatial information technology. Our services include creating and acquiring geographic data, spatial analysis, CAD and cartographic design, LiDAR mapping, field surveying, spatial database application, paper and digital map creation, and technical analysis. Our innovative staff utilize cutting-edge ESRI technology to produce outstanding results that meet clients’ needs. The Cardno ENTRIX Geospatial Services staff includes: GIS analysts and consultants, certified Geographic Information Systems Professionals (GISP), project managers, aerial photo interpreters, information technology professionals, HAZWOPER certified field technicians, and the support of one of the nation’s largest environmental consulting firms.



Cardno ENTRIX has been involved with GIS and spatial analysis since the technology was first developed and implemented industry-wide. Our GIS services support our clients' projects and needs throughout their entire life-cycle. We assist our clients in understanding the technology at hand and guide them in making the right decisions that will help with today’s needs, as well as set a sound organization for tomorrow’s challenges. Cardno ENTRIX is an ESRI business partner and has a national team of geospatial experts on staff, experienced in state-of-the-art computing, modeling and simulation—including GIS, mapping and spatial analysis, three-dimensional modeling, and visual simulation. This technical expertise has been applied to many areas of study from permitting and site selection decisions, to transmission line routing, to land use analysis, the determination of water rights, as well as the implementation of species recovery and habitat preservation efforts. Our Geospatial Services team affords clients critical insight, expert guidance, and defensible information for a variety of highly complex environmental and natural resource challenges. Our Geospatial Services include: GIS Design and Database Management, GIS Modeling, Mapping, Cartography and Spatial Analysis, Field Services/Data Collection, Aerial Interpretation, CAD Services, 3D Model Development and Visual Simulations, Negotiation and Litigation Support, and Emergency Field Response/NRDA.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning, Hosting Services, Implementation