Cartegraph Operations Management System (Cartegraph OMS)

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Cities, counties, parks, and special districts pair Cartegraph software with ArcGIS to help crews map assets, track assignments, and complete tasks on their mobile devices. The result? Increased efficiency and productivity, smarter spending, simplified reporting, and more. Easily access Esri tools in Cartegraph. Measure distance or area, select objects spatially, and conduct spatial analysis against work and asset information. Leverage Cartegraph data in ArcGIS. Use your asset condition, work history, and cost data to solve problems unique to your organization. Cartegraph OMS is operations management software you’ll actually want to use. More than a traditional asset management system, Cartegraph OMS helps your team capture data, analyze it, and prepare for the future. Assets: Pavement, signs, trees, facilities, and more. Cartegraph helps you understand what assets you have, what condition they’re in, and how much they’re worth. Work: Repair, maintain, replace, repeat. With Cartegraph, you’ll know which activities to do in what order to extend the life of your assets and spend more efficiently. Resources: People, materials, vehicles, and equipment. Log all your resources in Cartegraph to get clear data on how much you’re spending for routine and unexpected activities. Requests: From citizens, colleagues, and crew members. Organize all your maintenance requests in one place for efficient planning and streamlined communication. Analytics: Stop relying on best guesses to run your operations. Leverage powerful analytic tools to see your data, guide your decisions, and spend your budget smarter. Mobile: Track work where it gets done—in the field. Cartegraph offers mobile solutions for Apple and Android devices.


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