Catena Environmental LLC

Albuquerque, NM, United States


At Catena Environmental, we understand the profound impact these technologies have on agriculture, conservation, and environmental systems. Our mission is to empower individuals, organizations, and communities by leveraging the power of ArcGIS and DSM to unlock the hidden secrets beneath our feet. Digital Soil Mapping Unleased: DSM, our core expertise, creates high-res soil maps. Farmers optimize crop management, conserving resources, and boosting yields. It's a game-changer for adapting to changing climate conditions. ArcGIS: The Power of Visualization ArcGIS bridges the gap between soil data and action. As a member of Esri's Partner Network, we now have access to world-class geospatial software and solutions to customize to fit your unique land management needs. Government Support Governments worldwide recognize DSM and ArcGIS's value. We help clients navigate support programs and initiatives to adopt these technologies. Wildlife Conservation Our work extends beyond soil. DSM and ArcGIS aid wildlife habitat conservation and restoration, preserving biodiversity. Inspiring Case Studies Our case studies show DSM and ArcGIS transformation across diverse settings and geographies. Join Catena Environmental in mapping a sustainable future. Whether you're a farmer, conservationist, or environmentalist, we're your trusted partner, unlocking DSM and ArcGIS potential one map at a time.