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The web, and mobile based Construction Management Suite (CMS) solution was developed to assist the CDR Engineering division in monitoring roadway and drainage improvement construction in Bay County, Florida. This suite of applications works together to support construction monitoring, progress tracking, and the documentation of observations and construction deficiencies noted in the field. Monitors conduct inspections of the roadway, structures, drainage, ponds, stormwater pollution prevention systems, utilities, signage and pavement markings, signalization, ITS, lighting, and landscape where applicable. The CMS aids inspectors by providing a suite of tools to record, track, and edit the things that they observe while monitoring and conducting their inspections. The Observation, and Punchlist Survey123 forms provide inspectors with detailed spaces to record everyday observations, daily notes, and deficiencies in construction that will later require correction by the contractor. Field Maps provides both an editor tool for making corrections and adding attachments to data collected in Survey123, and provides an interactive map for recording the location of priority assets within a project area. Additionally, web based tools provide office based management staff with editing and reporting tools to support the operation. Automated reporting systems provide custom formatted reports for each Survey123 component using webhooks, and custom built tools. Web App Viewer provides a desktop based version of the editor tools, and Dashboards provides a detailed breakdown of the data collected in the field including statistics and custom filtering.


Architecture, Engineering & Construction, GIS, Health & Human Services, Highways & Roads

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