In Home Vaccination Routing Solution

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This automated appointment routing system was custom developed to assist teams in efficiently reaching all scheduled in-home appointments each day of operations. As a part of a state-sponsored program to get vaccines to vulnerable individuals in the comfort of their own homes, this system provided strategic support, and AI integrated logistics. Using only a spreadsheet containing all scheduled appointments for a given day, the system would map out the locations, and then provide an optimized plan to deploy teams to each location in the most efficient order based on the time constraints of both the daily operation hours, and the appointment’s scheduled timeframe. The solution consists of a custom python script tool that is run through ArcGIS pro, and a map template with tables of information to provide to each team for daily operations. The script processes the daily playbook of appointments, mapping each location, and identifying problematic addresses for correction. Once corrected addresses have been re-uploaded into the system, it quickly identifies the number of teams needed to tackle the day’s workload, the most efficient division of tasks, and order in which to accomplish each one efficiently. The map template then takes the completed analysis result from the tool and populates a daily task sheet for each team depicting a map of all their scheduled locations, and tables with statistics and information about each appointment.


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