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Water distribution modeling software using ESRI's ArcGIS® or ArcView® GIS software (all versions) to define the geometric configuration of a water distribution network directly from within ArcGIS®. No passing of data from various packages in and out of ArcGIS® (this pertains to all CEDRA AVseries software). Key features include: establish the materials inventory, introduce supply & demands, perform analysis, display results in graphic and/or tabular format, introduce water demands as flow rates and/or land use polygons, establish models containing storage tanks, pressure regulation, sustaining open/closed valves, pumps, meters, segmentation of networks, perform static and extended period simulation, model multiple fire flows, generate time related graphs, produce fully annoated water profiles, generate flow direction arrows and pressure contours. Includes CEDRA AVcad™, CEDRA DataEditor™ and CEDRA DxfExport™.


Architecture, Engineering & Construction, Electric & Gas, GIS, Highways & Roads, Land Records, Pipeline, Public Engineering, Public Works, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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