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ProRail is the company responsible for the railroad track in The Netherlands, in terms of development, maintenance and safety. A correct administration of the position and state of the track is essential for ProRail. Furthermore, this information needs to be available to the partners that maintain the track as well as the partners using the track in their daily operations. SIGMA provides ProRail with this data. SIGMA realizes a consistent 3D geographical model of the railroad track in the Netherlands. Based on ArcGIS Server 10.7-10.9.1 and using Oracle Spatial and FME Server, SIGMA enables users to combine design- and measurement-data of the railroad track in multiple dimensions such as x, y, z and cant to perform in-depth analysis of the deterioration of the track. Whilst imported data consists mainly of datafiles in 3d-party formats, SIGMA uses the capabilities of ArcGIS Server and FME Server to generate output in industry-wide standards such as CAD-files and geodatabases. The datamodel used in in SIGMA offers a highly accurate (precision <1.5cm) 3D-representation of the track and enables the persisting of railroad-specific elements such as transition-curves in a standard geodatabase-model. CGI built this.


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