ChangeAerial LLC

San Diego, CA, United States


ChangeAerial provides software tools that exploit its novel/patented aerial monitoring approach called Repeat Station Imaging (RSI) for infrastructure inspection and monitoring by: (1) automating flight planning for automated/optimized drone imaging and (2) achieving accurate and efficient detection of infrastructure defects, or monitoring of construction progress. N-PLANNER, an ArcGIS Pro Add-on, is an automated flight planning tool for optimized and pinpoint drone flights and image collection. 3-D GIS points of exact asset positions are input to N-PLANNER, enabling automated, minimal and optimized collection of drone images inherently tied to specific apparatus. Flight plans created with N-PLANNER may be accurately and autonomously flown over time to monitor assets of interest. N-SPECT, an ArcGIS Enterprise Application, is a tool for automated repeat-pass image alignment, visualization, and anomaly detection, designed to exploit RSI-captured images. An AI model extracts value from images captured over time, without the need for extensive algorithm training, to automatically alert inspectors of changes of interest, such as defects on electric utility apparatus. Ingesting pairs or stacks of accurately overlayed images enable subtle changes in the condition, state, or movement of infrastructure to be detected, infrastructure construction to be documented, which cannot be achieved with sufficient detail and accuracy with conventional drone imaging approaches.



ChangeAerial supports automated drone image-based inspection and monitoring of infrastructure through its patented technology called Repeat Station Imaging (RSI) and Esri-connected software tools called N-PLANNER and N-SPECT. Services are provided to support utilities, engineering consulting companies and drone service providers engaged in infrastructure inspection/monitoring that seek to implement RSI technology, particularly with implementing survey-grade GNSS for drone navigation and sensor triggering.

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