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We provide easily installed, flexible software solutions that are engineered for the long-term. The CityView solution is an upgradeable platform, built on state of the art technology, making it more efficient and cost effective to develop, deploy, and manage solutions that scale with your evolving needs. The CityView PreBuilts are a set of integrated and configurable applications designed to address the unique requirements of local government. The CityView platform contains easy to use Configuration Tools and the ability to seamlessly integrate with third party systems. CityView Property Information is the backbone of the system, providing the context and information for each component of the solution. The CityView PreBuilts in their totality, contain the forms, reports, letters, and workflow to administer the business processes surrounding Permits and Inspections, Planning, Bylaw/Code Enforcement, Business Licensing, Animal Licensing, Service Requests, Rental Housing, Cemetery Management and Parking Enforcement. The payment of fees generated by the system is managed with CityView Cashiering.


Community Development, Public Works

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