Cityworks® A Trimble Company

Sandy, UT, United States


As the premier Web GIS-centric Platform for public asset management, Cityworks, a Trimble company, provides your organization with the tools to enhance operational intelligence and maintain a smart, safe, and resilient community. Built exclusively on Esri’s innovative ArcGIS technology, Cityworks' GIS-centric platform is focused on enhancing The Science of Where by empowering GIS intelligence for local governments and utilities combining your authoritative asset inventory in a geodatabase with business process applications. By streamlining the care and management of your infrastructure, Cityworks provides a system of insight to maximize collaboration across departments, real-time awareness, civic engagement, and data-driven decisions. This helps you transform management of workflows, scheduling resources, and prioritizing activities giving you actionable visual data. Recognizing GIS as the authoritative system of record for public works and utilities, the Cityworks platform provides the tools to dynamically manage your workflows, schedule resources and prioritize activities—saving you time and money while optimizing communication and improving operational efficiencies in the field. Time-tested and proven since 1996, Cityworks is Empowering GIS® for more than 40,000 users at over 700 organizations, and serving communities with a combined population of over 80 million people globally.



Managing your public assets and critical infrastructure involves a systematic solution of procedures, technology, analytics, and insights. As partners, Cityworks and Esri's ArcGIS solutions are at the foundation to successfully leveraging your geodatabase as the asset inventory, model workflows, and optimize for field operations and connecting with citizens. Recognizing that project implementation is the key to success for our customers, we carefully select a network of proven business partners that are focused on the challenges you face to improve operational efficiencies. Each of our partners works closely with you to review your business processes and define a scope of services complete with project milestones to stay within your budget, time frame, and avoid scope creep. Cityworks is a technology leader Empowering GIS to help local government and utilities make better business decisions through data and analytics. Our team of experts provides a full spectrum of implementation services, support, and training for every level. Providing three state-of-the-art education facilities located in Salt Lake City, UT, Dallas, TX, and Milwaukee, WI, our team knows the importance of ongoing improvement and training for a deep knowledge base. They are focused on keeping your organization at peak efficiency using the Cityworks Web GIS-centric Platform and Esri ArcGIS solutions.

Services Provided:

Business Case Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning, Hosting Services, Implementation, Needs and Requirements, System Architecture and Design, System Integration, Training Services