ArcGIS Online Scheduled Backups

By CivicLens

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CivicLens provides an affordable scheduled backup solution, ensuring minimal disruption in the event of accidental deletion or faulty edits. All feature layers are exported to file geodatabase format with attachments and domains intact and stored in a dedicated, secure Amazon Web Services S3 bucket. Files in your ArcGIS Online organization are also backed up (PDFs, spreadsheets, file-based GIS layers, etc.), as are JSON configurations of your web maps and apps*. ​ In the event a feature layer needs to be restored, CivicLens offers quick turnaround to get your workflows back on track. Since you have direct access to your backups, you can also choose to republish and restore data yourself. ​ Our backup solution is 100% cloud-based, leveraging Amazon's Boto SDK and Esri's Python API for ArcGIS, and can be configured to meet your needs for backup interval (hourly, daily) and maintenance period (90, 180, 365 days, or longer), backing up your entire organization or only specific datasets. ​ *Web maps and apps are not guaranteed to be restorable from JSON. Our backup service is primarily for backing up feature layers and files.

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