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Civil Solutions has worked with the Town since the beginning of their GIS implementation. When the Town wanted to modernize the presentation of maps and geospatial data to the public and internal users, Civil Solutions assisted the Town to develop a plan to implement Esri’s ArcGIS Online. Civil Solutions targeted workflows with ArcGIS Online and transition the Town’s universal GIS web viewer with a series of ArcGIS Online targeted and focused web maps or web applications. Civil Solutions assisted the Town to purchase an ArcGIS Online subscription, set-up their organization, establish user accounts, identify useful groups to help organize information, and start implementing web maps and applications. The Town uses a combination of desktop GIS and ArcGIS Online to support its snow plowing operations and inform the public of road statuses and Esri’s Land Use Public Notification Template Application to support traditional 200’ certified listings. Through this work, Civil Solutions provided the Town guidance, data development, application development and technical support. Most notably, Civil Solutions implemented Esri’s Local Government Information Model overall and modified it to support enhancements to Esri’s Land Use Public Notification Template Application (e.g., searching by block and lot).


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