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PowerClerk is a web-based tool that gives utilities cost-effective control of, and insight into their DG fleet. Utility administrators now have the ability to rapidly configure, edit, test, and deploy changes to process workflow, smart forms, communications, and more self-service without any need for IT involvement. The easy-to-use interface streamlines both application submission and review, reducing application overhead for utilities and applicants. PowerClerk is enterprise-ready with built-in reporting tools and a standards-based API, all of which enable reliable, secure data access for critical fleet planning and operations activities. PowerClerk is a system-of-record for distributed generation (DG) and is designed to be integrated with external systems such as a utility’s Customer Information System (CIS) or GIS. Integration keeps those systems updated as each project’s status and additional details change throughout the workflow. It’s one thing to have generating asset data stored in a well-structured database, but visualizing that data can be extremely powerful, particularly when tracking a number of projects spread across statuses in a workflow. We’re working with customers on utilizing analytics in ArcGIS maps to automatically calculate and visualize the available hosting capacity per distribution circuit. Given the ever-increasing penetration of distributed generation interconnected to distribution systems across the country, the ability to display and analyze this information transparently is highly beneficial. See more about the new ArcGIS integration with PowerClerk and a demo version here: https://www.cleanpower.com/2016/powerclerk-integration-powering-maps/


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