Clevest Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)

By Clevest, an IFS Company

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Improve the efficiency of fleet operations, reduce vehicle and driver downtime, and enhance worker safety. Clevest Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) provides utility dispatchers, field supervisors, and fleet managers with a vantage view of fleet operations – along with geospatial insight and intelligence. - Track, monitor, and manage vehicles and drivers - Access key vehicle and driver information - Determine the closest vehicle to a job By combining Clevest Mobile Workforce Management with Clevest AVL on the same mobile platform, a utility’s vehicle is transformed into an intelligent Wi-Fi hotspot or an Ethernet hub for optimal crew productivity and efficiency. The combined solution provides crews in the field with instant access to back office information, allowing workers to download and upload their work, and synchronize maps in real-time.


Electric & Gas, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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