CLIMsystems Limited

Hamilton, New Zealand


Established in 2003, CLIMsystems exists to help the world understand and mitigate the effects of climate change moving into the future. With an extensive global network of associates underpinning a prestigious scientific advisory panel of preeminent climate change scholars, CLIMsystems delivers innovative climate modelling tools backed by high quality data processing capabilities on an international scale. The collaboration between CLIMsystems and Esri in the form of the SimCLIM for ArcGIS range of products welcomes the powerful combination of world-leading mapping software with cutting-edge climate science to any individual with an interest in climate change elements. Some of our key customers include; educators, academic researchers, NGOs, water resource engineers, infrastructure consultants and government groups (local, state and national). The above scientific prowess combined with our customer-first orientation serve as a clear indication that we are your firm for anything climate change. CLIMsystems – “Decision making in a climate changed world”



CLIMsystems has assembled an excellent team of climate change adaptation and risk assessment experts with a combined experience of over 200 years. Six members residing on our Scientific Advisory Panel are Nobel Laureates, thus representing the strong scientific underpinning of CLIMsystems’ services. Our staff, partners and associates can provide a range of climate change-related services. A key activity is consulting whereby we can advise on climate change risk and adaptation projects. The experience of our staff mean that introducing us to a project from its very earliest stages of development leads to optimum efficiency by formulating the right question and devising the best methods for its most beneficial solution. CLIMsystems can then implement a climate risk assessment program, provide due diligence on data and methodological issues and even examine other individual/organisation's climate change assessments and advise on their appropriateness depending on a client's requirements. CLIMsystems has an extensive network of data and model providers. They span across the public, private, academic and non-government sectors. In essence, our vast experience in the field of climate change has meant that we have developed an unparalleled array of contacts around the world. If we cannot provide the advice or service you require we will strive to link you with others in our network who will work with you to reach your goals.

Services Provided:

Business Case Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, Training Services