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In the coming decades the ocean’s bio-geochemical cycles and ecosystems will become increasingly stressed by at least three independent factors: rising temperatures, ocean acidification and ocean de-oxygenation. This will affect the oceans in ways that society is only beginning to fathom. The SimCLIM for ArcGIS / Marine add-in empowers ArcGIS users allowing them to explore the impacts of climate change on marine bio-geochemical cycles. Incorporating the latest Assessment Report 5 Global Circulation Model data, the add-in allows users to investigate projections relating to nine bio-geochemical oceans variables for the years 1995 to 2100. Issues like changes in sea surface temperature, ocean acidification and primary production can now be rapidly modeled and included in your ArcGIS projects. The add-in provides marine ecosystem researchers, marine resource managers, nature conservationists, managers, planners, policy makers, and the general public with high-resolution maps and state of the art scientific information - all at the click of a toolbar!


Community Development, Environmental Management, Research Organizations, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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