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The Workbench for ArcGIS Pro gives you easy access to the latest Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2 or Landsat-8 imagery for your area of interest, combined with ArcGIS Pro. It gives you pay-per-use access to a powerful virtual desktop configured for geoprocessing. You can connect through your browser and perform your remote sensing and GIS workflows with the same look and feel as in your current desktop environment. With each new data acquisition, the latest data for your area of interest is automatically being uploaded to your workbench. Bringing your own ArcGIS Pro license, the workbench provides you with additional processing power while working on your projects just as you are used to. The workbench allows you to work from any device, giving you easy access to your data and ensuring that you are always provided with the latest imagery. To ensure the most efficient workflows, the workbench for ArcGIS Pro is available with optional software readily installed, such as ENVI+IDL by Harris Geospatial Solutions. Besides, the SARscape module option allows you to easily process and analyze SAR data acquired from all existing spaceborne and selected airborne platforms. ENVI SARscape is available on the workbench in two packages: Basic and Full Suite.


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